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Classes Will Reopen 2020

Due to reorganization we are not currently taking or answering any inquiries until January 1st 2020


See what professionals in the film stunt industry are saying about John Zimmerman’s Stunt Camp.  Review their extensive resumes on

Jim Churchman

"It is exciting news that John Zimmerman has decided to share his years of know-how with those who seek him out. He has been involved in the entertainment business over 40 years, amassing over 130 film and TV credits. In fact, it was John who taught me the foundation of rigging techniques that have largely shaped my career. We spent many years in his yard, trying, testing, and training. Always having fun, always looking for ways to improve. That yard is bigger and better than ever. You will be hard pressed to find a bigger collection of equipment and apparatus anywhere. If you want to start in the stunt business, hone your skills, or have an adventure, I can think of no better place. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from someone who has been there, done it, and is open to sharing about it. You will be glad you did, and I might even see you there."
Jim Churchman | Producer, 2nd Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator, SAG; DGA

Nick Brandon

"I wholeheartedly endorse both John and his Stunt Camp. Having known John for over 23 years and working with and for him on many occasions, I can assure you of his honesty, integrity and dedication in everything he does. He is a well respected stuntman, stunt coordinator, stunt rigger and producer for film, television and live shows not only here in the U.S. but in many countries around the world. After moving to Florida in 1994 from Hong Kong, where I started in the business as a stuntman/stunt actor, John was integral in helping me build my stunt career by teaching me many things from “Hollywood” fight techniques to fire burns and stunt rigging. He truly possesses a wealth of knowledge and is an excellent teacher and instructor. I wish him, and anyone that attends his camp, all the best for the future."
Nick Brandon: Stuntman | Stunt Coordinator, Rigging Coordinator, SAG

Mike Massa

"My name is Mike Massa. I’ve been an award winning professional stuntman for 25+ years. I’m also a DGA 2nd Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator and Board Member of Stunts Unlimited . You’ve seen my work in movies such as BLADE RUNNER 2049, FAST 8, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, IRON MAN 3, STAR TREK, INDIANA JONES: THE CRYSTAL SKULL to name a few. I’m here to endorse my friend, mentor and colleague JOHN ZIMMERMAN. If your going to pursue a career in the stunt world, you need a foundation. John Zimmerman can give you that. He’s the real deal! He trained myself and many others that have become top professionals in Hollywood."

Michael Gaines

“There is NO ONE more knowledgeable or better equipped than John Zimmerman to teach prospective stunt people the skills they need to succeed in the stunt business. He is the standard by which I measure all stunt coordinators. I would whole heartedly encourage anyone who is serious about pursuing a stunt career, to acquire all the knowledge and expertise John Zimmerman has to offer.”
Michael Gaines | Stuntman/Stunt-Coordinator, SAG

Durk Tyndall

"I have been fortunate to have associated with John Zimmerman since 1991. We have worked together many times on films, television and live shows. Each job I have done with him has resulted in me being a little better than before. One of my favorite things about John Zimmerman is the complete absence of complacency in his life. Never, Never, has he rigged a stunt and walked away when there was any improvement that he could make to the rig. Each time, John centers his actions around the simple reality that the very nature of this work is hazardous and everything that can be done to improve on the safety, efficacy, and theatricality of the stunt should be done. In all my days working with John, never has he said, " will be good enough."


When his name comes up on set, you can see stories flooding into the heads of those with whom he has worked. Each person eagerly wanting to tell of their particular time with him. Many of these stories have a part that can be paraphrased as "...And if it weren't for John Zimmerman, who knows how it would have turned out." His name, to me, has always brought equal parts of confidence, professionalism, and excitement. I have learned so much about rigging, the stunt business, and most importantly, friendship. He has taken under his wing more people struggling to become professional stunt people than anyone. His very nature is to do this mentoring completely unselfishly with the only goal being to make the most of a person's potential.


John Zimmerman is an excellent example what a true craftsman should be. He has shown what a professional performer should be. He has shown so many of us what a friend should be and that is the thing for which I am most grateful."
Durk Tyndall | SAG Stuntman, Special Effects Coordinator, IATSE Union #44,479, Federal User of High Explosives, Type 33, Dive Master, Stunt Rigger / Fabricator

Jason Gray

"I recommend John Zimmerman’s Stunt Camp to anyone wanting to break into the stunt business. I was lucky enough to start out with John back in 1991. I learned all the basic skills I needed to be a successful live show stunt performer including how to audition and set etiquette. He also taught me rappelling, high falls, fights, trampoline and basic rigging. I was immediately cast to play Indiana Jones at the world famous Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. Later I was cast in the Wild, Wild, West Stunt Show over at Universal Studios. All thanks to John. After a few more years of working with John, I earned my SAG card. A few years later he told me I was ready to move to Hollywood. Out of all the stunt seminars, camps and schools in the world, believe me, John is by far the most qualified to coach, teach and advise up and coming stunt professionals. When people ask me how I got started in the business, I just say John Zimmerman."
Jason Gray
Hollywood Stuntman/Stunt Coordinator Member-International Stunt Association (ISA)

Mark Chadwick

"So much of the success of my career can be attributed to being well rounded and prepared. Training is crucial. Without having access to the knowledge and equipment I received out at John Zimmerman's I can honestly say I wouldn't have the success I do today. Training at Johns gave me experience in almost every aspect of the stunt business. I am forever grateful and thank him for the head start he provided me to start my stunt career. I fully endorse his school and highly recommended it if you are considering a professional stunt career."
Mark Chadwick

Mark Chadwick is a 25-year SAG stunt veteran living in Los Angeles. He has appeared in over 700 feature films, television shows and commercials, as well as numerous live shows around the world. He is a Taurus award winner for his work on "The Punisher", and world stunt award winner In the Moscow World Stunt Competition.

Todd Warren

"What I have admired most about my friend and colleague, John Zimmerman, is his dedication to his craft. His talent, and professionalism have served him well for over 40 years. I cannot think of a better mentor to guide our next generation of stunt professionals. John's resume speaks for itself."
Todd Warren | Johnny Depp’s Stunt Double, SAG

Eric R. Salas

"My career began in John Zimmerman’s backyard. For John to take his extensive knowledge of the film industry, filter it down and create a guided training program for aspiring stunt performers, this course is an amazing way for one to improve their film industry knowledge or start their career pursuit. This is an extremely competitive industry, so you must prepare yourself with as many skills, and as much knowledge as possible. There isn't a day that goes by that I am not thankful to have had John Zimmerman’s knowledge and guidance, as I began my career into the film industry."
Eric R. Salas | SAG

Greg Sproles

"I was trained by John Zimmerman in 1996 at Universal Studios, Florida for live shows. After extensive and thorough training, I have been able to lead a successful career in the film industry. Every time I am asked how to become a Stuntman, my answer is simple. Go to Orlando, Florida, start in live shows. From the curriculum I see, this camp will condense the 2 to 3 year training process, to a manageable course. It will enable anyone to have the necessary tools to make their career. The only thing missing will be the individual talent and drive to pursue. As a fellow veteran and member of BUD/S class 160 (Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL), I would feel confident with anyone whom has completed his camp, and knowing they can do the job. If you are thinking of attending any classes or workshops, John Zimmerman is the only person I would ever recommend! There is no one else who has my endorsement."
Greg Sproles | SAG

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