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Has been “around the block” when it comes to the Entertainment

Business.  Born in Los Angeles, CA, John used to get chased off of

Movie sets and filming locations as a teenager.  His Mother went to

Hollywood High School and knew Donna Reed and Tab Hunter.  His

Father was in the wild animal and exotic bird business.  His Uncle

was a Circus Performer and had an A-card (old name for SAG card),

doing cameo roles for movies in the 1940s.  As a Muscle Beach

gymnast, John learned tumbling, trampoline, high bar and swinging

rings at a young age.  He bought his first trampoline from the brother

of famous stuntman Dar Robinson.  By the 1960s, many circus people

had moved to Los Angeles and parlayed their skills into the film Stunt  

business, where they made much better money.  One of

them was the legendary Bob Yerkes with an unbelievable backyard

of stunt and circus equipment.  John trained there and met and worked

out with some of the greatest stuntmen and coordinators of the day.

John became a professional trapeze flyer and traveled the

country before he was 20 years old, working for various circuses.


World events interrupted John’s career and he served in the Army on

Active Duty for more than 6 years (1970-76) He is a decorated Vietnam

Veteran and was Honorably Discharged as a Chief Warrant Officer.

John piloted Hueys, Cobras, and observation helicopters.  He has Commercial/

Instrument Rotorcraft, airplane and seaplane ratings.  This knowledge

allowed him to rig dangerous stunts inside and under helicopters

later in his film career.  Upon leaving the military, John moved to

Central Florida for the opening of the newly built theme park

“Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus World”.  It was there

that he obtained his Screen Actors Guild Card (SAG) in 1979 by

performing Circus skills and stunts for national commercials,

industrials and films.  This same year, he purchased a home and

property outside of Orlando, FL.  This decision had a profound impact

on his future success in the stunt business.  This world famous place

(John Zimmerman’s backyard) has come to be known as the

Stunt Ranch.  Ask any accomplished stunt person and they have

probably trained or worked out there.  Type in Stunt Dynamics on

YouTube and see outrageous videos of stunt practices.


After a stint on the Ringling Bros traveling shows (by train), John

continued to travel the country doing thrill shows and acts at

state fairs, arenas and special events around the US and Canada.

By the mid 1980s, Orlando was becoming the theme park capitol

of the world, and stunt shows became the latest thing in live

entertainment. Due to his experience and resume, John Zimmerman

was the “GO TO GUY”.  Not only did he coordinate  most of the

shows for Disney and Universal, he assisted in designing Stunt

friendly sets and stunt equipment.  While the venues

were being built, he assisted in casting, and also trained the

performers in his back yard.  By this time, he was so busy with film work

and live shows that he created “Stunt Dynamics, Inc.” in 1986.  His

partners then are some of the most well known Stunt Coordinators,

Action Directors and Stunt Riggers in Hollywood today.  Stunt Dynamics  

had the largest inventory of stunt equipment in the South-

Eastern United States and is still a front runner today.  Students who attend

John Zimmerman’s Stunt Camp benefit from the newest and updated

Equipment technology, rigging and safety.


Remembering how he started, John has always had an attitude of

“Giving it Back”.  He has trained hundreds of stunt people.  Be part


Become part of a respected industry!  Become part of an elite family!

We have been waiting for you since 1979!

John Zimmerman


-SAG Stuntman since 1979

-Owner of the Stunt Ranch training facility since 1979 same location

-Stunt Coordinator

-Stunt Rigger responsible for A-list actors and actresses

 Part of the rigging team for Luke Aikens 25,000 high fall (JULY 2016)

-Producer for Live shows, Special events worldwide

-Guinness Book of World Records (1982) Flying Trapeze

-Founder of Stunt Dynamics, Inc. (1986) a SAG Signatory

-Inducted into the World Acrobatic Society as a LEGEND (2016)

-More than 130 Feature film and television credits  
-Active stuntman still working

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