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Classes Will Reopen 2020

Due to reorganization we are not currently taking or answering any inquiries until January 1st 2020


Is an extremely intensive course for individuals desiring to pursue the LIVE SHOW and or FILM Stunt Business as a PROFESSION.  The week long (7 days/55 hours) class is designed to teach the BASIC skills and knowledge needed to break into the business.  Students will be guided by some of the industry’s most skilled and experienced stunt performers and technicians (gun safety, special effects, stunt rigging), each with EXTENSIVE CREDITS in major films, television and live shows.  Camp is located in Greater Orlando, FL.



-Basic tumbling, falls, rolls

-Types and use of Personal Protection Equipment

-Mini Tramp

-Stage combat techniques, Camera angles, fight safety,

 Breakaways, props

-Group fighting, tackles, bull-dogging

-Low falls to mats, props, porta-pits

-High falls to airbag, airbag safety, spotting

-Jerks, Hand pulls, Air Ratchets

-Fly-by-wire, harness, hand loops, foot straps knowledge

-Standard gun Safety on set, bullet hits

-Necessary stunt rigging knowledge

-Special Effects, Explosions Safety

-Fire Burn Procedures, Fire Safety

-Basic Stunt Acting

-Resume set-up

-How to audition (Live Show and Film)

-How to meet a Coordinator

-Conduct on set (Set Etiquette)

-How to get a job, start a career in Stunts

Pro Air Ram training only done at advanced clinics.


Upon Graduation,
you will have the competence, confidence

and knowledge to go after a job in the Stunt Business. Read on

and you will understand why the  JOHN ZIMMERMAN Stunt Camp

is the BEST Stunt Training Program in America.

stunt jumps
stunt burnings
stunt fight choreo

John Zimmerman



Dear Prospective Students,


You have a big decision to make.  You are interested in a profession that is tough.  Tough mentally, emotionally, physically and downright dangerous sometimes.  I will also say, very rewarding and I am not talking about the money, although that can be great.  What I mean is the confidence, knowledge, friendships, connections, pride (and yes, a little glamour) that you can gain and achieve over the  course of a stunt career.  Or you may pursue this temporarily or not at all after completion of a formal training course but you will still experience the things I listed.  You will feel a sense of accomplishment, community and build teamwork skills.  Except for certain military assignments,  most people never know the feeling of entrusting their life to a friend and vice-versa.


John Zimmerman’s Stunt Camp is in no competition with other Stunt Schools, Camps, Courses, Academies, Centers, etc.  We will never put another School down or badmouth them.  I know most of the other owners and have worked with many of their graduates.  Educate yourself before making a decision.  Consider location, price, length, skills offered, instructor experience,  quality of endorsements and testimonials and the resumes of the School owners.  My Instructors are exceptional and we have a 1 to 3 ratio of instructor to students with an average class size of  12.  We cover a lot of information and training in a short period of time at a very reasonable price.  Operational costs, expendable expenses and using and operating state of the art equipment are not cheap.


Finally, when you graduate here, it is not good-bye, good luck.  You are now part of the John Zimmerman Stunt Family, an Elite and professional group of  stunt friends.  For many years, we have had free workouts once every 3 months for everyone that ever learned stunts from me as well as an annual picnic under the big tent around the holidays for stunt friends and family.   Yes, you need to get out there and market yourself, “Hustle” job after job.  But,  after spending time out in the business, this is where people get together, learn more difficult things and make new contacts and business connections.   Go to YouTube and search under StuntDynamics (fireburns, ratchets, air-rams, high falls) watch footage from some of these get togethers at John Zimmerman’s Stunt and Circus Ranch from over the decades.  You also see a lot of other clips filmed in the same location under other stunt performers names.  Be safe and the best of success to all future Stunt men and women!!!

stunt man
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